• carol

    I am currently an MLA in microbiology laboratory at The Royal London Hospital where I process clinical samples for further analysis by the BMS.

    I particularly enjoy working in the laboratory and pathology/microbiology is an area that I am passionate about. I believe that if I work hard and expand my knowledge and skills I can get a position to train as a biomedical scientist

    Carol, MLA

  • work with us

    I love the involvement I have in patient care.

    Although I don't deal with patients directly, my work and dedication to the service is crucial to patient management. I love going home knowing that I have helped to improve the patient quality of life.  

    ‚ÄčIf you are passionate about making an impact in healthcare, then consider a career in pathology as you will be helping to save lives. 

    Sylvia, Biomedical Scientist 

  • Work with us

    I have worked for Barts Health and the Partnership for four years. I enjoy working with my colleagues, they are a really hard-working team who are so supportive of each other. It always brightens up my day to work together on a successful project to improve the laboratory processes.

    The Partnership brings many benefits, including an opportunity to share learning across all sites, helping us to continually improve quality and processes for the benefit of the service users and staff.

    Tracy, Compliance Manager

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