Our research

A researcher undertakes work in a lab with a pipette

We support and lead numerous research programmes:

  • Providing high-quality accredited testing for patients participating in clinical trials 
  • Our scientific and clinical staff lead numerous active research programmes, supporting ground-breaking and impactful clinical research
  • Collaborations with several universities via knowledge creation and dissemination
  • Working closely with industry partners to translate the latest research into high-quality accredited diagnostic testing and supporting national Life Sciences strategies

Our teams include several internationally recognised experts leading in multiple fields:

  • Large grants supporting research and innovation in transfusion, digital pathology, infectious diseases, genomics, inherited cancer, blood and immune disorders
  • World-leading research and gene therapy helping patients with haemophilia
  • Several WHO classification book editors, the international reference books for the histological and molecular classification of tumours

Our teams are constantly innovating and leading research and we want all of our staff to have the opportunity to contribute to these programmes.