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Our haematology department provides routine and specialised analytical services to support in the treatment and diagnosis of various disorders. Our repertoire includes a wide array of assays, from full blood counts to various secondary tests such as blood film morphology, malarial parasite investigation and infectious mononucleosis screening.

Our Special Haematology Laboratories perform screening and confirmatory tests for haemoglobinopathy and thalassaemia disorders, which may be offered pre-operatively or through the NHS antenatal and newborn screening programme in which our laboratories participate. In addition, our laboratory also provides investigations for G6PD deficiency.

Our Special Haemostasis Laboratories are well equipped to provide both routine and specialised services which assist in the diagnosis and treatment of haemostatic and thrombotic disorders. The laboratory offers a variety of tests not limited to routine clotting screening, factor assays, von Willebrand factor investigations, platelet function testing, thrombophilia screening and the measurement/monitoring of several anticoagulants.

The Haematology Laboratory at The Royal London Hospital hub site is a referral centre for various aforementioned specialist tests and our laboratories support Comprehensive Care Centres within our partnership Trusts for haemophilia, sickle cell anaemia, thalassaemia and paediatric haematology.

A 24/7 haematology service is provided at the 7 laboratories across the Barts Health NHS Trust, Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.

Please see the user handbooks provided for more information on these services or refer to our Test A-Z.

Please visit for information on the accredited tests or refer to the schedules of accreditation provided below for UKAS number 8285.


Clinical Haematology service

For information about the Clinical Haematology service please visit the Barts Health website


New sample requirements for Homerton thrombophilia screens

From Tuesday 27th June, there will be an increase in the amount of blood required to conduct thromophilia screens. The new volumes are as below:


Blood Volume Requirements



4 x Blue citrate tubes

1 x Purple EDTA tube

5 x Green paediatric sodium citrate tubes

1 x Pink paediatric EDTA tubes

For more information, visit the Barts Health Haematology and Blood Transfusion Handbook[pdf] 2MB or visit the Test A-Z .