Test results

test results

Electronic results

Electronic access to results is available to all hospital sites and the majority of our regional GP practices and can be arranged if not.

Please contact Pathology IT:

  • If you no longer wish to receive paper reports. 
  • If you are having problems accessing results, or they do not appear as expected. 
  • If you require access to Cyberlab 

For result enquiries, the relevant laboratory may be more suitable via the contacts provided in the user guides/handbooks or here.

Pathology IT Contacts

Pathology IT team: bhnt.pathologyit@nhs.net. Access the secure Barts Health Cyberlab here.


Barts Health Pathology Results and Enquiries Department 

We know how important tests results are in the timely delivery of patient treatment, which is why this department is dedicated to ensure your Pathology results and enquiries are dealt with expeditiously for you.  

This service is for all Primary and Secondary Healthcare Providers, who are unable to view the results through the Health Information Exchange (HIE), or other electronic means available due to technical difficulties or access issues.  

Direct: 020 8535 6464/6682  


Our Information Governance Policy, stipulates results are only sent to service users using an @nhs.net email.  

If sending an email please ensure your patients full name, date of birth, NHS number along with the senders name, location and what is required are included. Due to an increase of generic email accounts being used such information is not always included and can cause unnecessary delays.     

If you expect to see a result and it is not showing, It is advisable to contact this department before sending patients for repeat tests. 

Alternatively please visit services for information on how to contact the laboratory directly. 

For Patients 

Results are obtainable from your Primary and Secondary providers, these include GP’s, Hospitals and other clinics that may have requested the Pathology tests for you.     

Patients can also check their results online. Simply sign up to Patients Know Best to access your health record.

Missing Results

In a very small number of cases, samples or results can unfortunately be delayed or go missing. This can occur before reaching pathology, during the pathology pathway, or during resulting.

Please see the  Sample Pathway Issues Checklist  for your information, and may also be helpful in implementing preventative measures at your collection site/ward.