Clinical transplantation

Clinical transplantation

The clinical transplantation service based at The Royal London provides histocompatibility and immunogenetics (H&I) support to a variety of healthcare providers ranging from specialist transplant units to GPs. The laboratory is a specialist facility serving the City and east London, and surrounding counties.

The provision of high quality H&I services is critical to both solid organ and stem cell transplant programmes. Based in the laboratory, we provide human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing, co-ordination of donor and recipient matching for kidney and bone marrow transplantation, transplant donor and recipient crossmatching, HLA antibody testing and definition, including a specialist flow cytometry facility. HLA associations such as HLA-B27 and B*5701 are also performed. In addition, the laboratory has developed integral working relationships with the clinicians and nursing staff directing the various transplantation programmes.

Please see the user handbook provided for more information on these services. 

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Contact information

General enquiries: 0203 246 0232

24/7 On Call Transplant Immunologist: 020 7377 7000 (via switchboard) or 07880 500885

Renal and cardiothoracic enquiries: bhnt.tissuetyping@nhs.net

Stem cell transplant and disease association enquiries: bartshealth.tissuetypinghsct@nhs.net